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With our enhanced security systems, you can secure your company with several methods of protection. From card swipe, motion, sound and door sensors, we can protect your entire company.

We offer a complete line of security systems and have partnered with leading manufactures in the industry such as G.E. and Bosch Security. All of our system integrations offer a large set of options for maximum security and flexibility. Call us today and find out what system is best for you and your company.

Security Panels can support a wide range of users, and user rights. A user might have disarm privileges but not arm privileges.
Alarms can be triggered by motion, heat, sound, door open/close state changes and more. With advanced features as such, your security system will give an intruder a run for his
With advances in today's technology, your security system can overcome obstacles such as 'cut the phone line' tricks.
RedGuard Fire & Security has been installing security systems for well over a decade. Our quality shows through our excellent history record.
Why ABT?
Customers don't choose to stay secure using RedGuard Fire & Security because we may cost less, its simply because our goal is securing you, and that's what you want.
Product Line
We use state of the art EST and Radionics Security Systems. When you use the best, you get the best.

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