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Parking & Pedestrian Controls

Parking and Pedestrian Control Devices are an excellent form of building security. From simple card/ticket access gates and turnstiles to complex time tracking gates. Whether you want to automate your parking structure/entrances or install basic turnstiles in your building, Applied Building Technologies has the solution for you.

With Parking Control Devices, you can have employee's use tickets or cards to access parking structures or lots. If your garage has mixed traffic, you can assign monthly tickets as well as a ticket machine to print daily tickets at a cost to the consumer.

Automating your company’s facilities will simplify security, and decrease manual security interventions. Using parking control devices like gates will allow you to decrease violation of permit only parking in restricted or low volume parking areas.

Using turnstiles in a public facility will enable you to restrict or monitor the flow of activity throughout various areas. Turnstiles can be used in controlled logic environments such as Access Control Systems or be as simplistic for recording standard amounts of traffic at events or designated entry/exit areas.

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